Monday, February 9, 2009

Just so I'm clear . . .

  • 104 Major League Baseball players tested positive for steroids or other banned performance enhancing drugs in 2003.
  • Federal investigators seized the results, including the names of all 104 players with positive tests.
  • That list (although somehow defined as "sealed") has been seen by just about every judge, lawyer, court official, and investigator in the BALCO trials, as well as high-ranking officials in MLB and the players union.
  • MLB notified each and every one of those 104 players that they had tested positive for steroids and that those results had been leaked (my favorite pun in sports, at the moment).
  • It took the Baseball Writers of America five years to discover any of this.
And we let these people determine who enters the Hall of Fame, why exactly?

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  1. Hear, hear. I find a lot of sport-specific writers (and journalism in general over the past 15 years) to be very lacking in investigative abilities when it pertains to investigating the sport that they cover on a daily basis. There are always exceptions, which gives me hope, but their excellence just highlights how poor the rest of the field is.


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