Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Steroids or No, Still Five Outs Away

The Cubs' Web site has a surprisingly revealing story featuring Cub reactions to the reawakened steroid saga.

Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano, and Aramis Ramirez all weigh in on the topic, but the most fascinating quote, to me, is buried at the very end of the article. Since Lee was a member of the 2003 World Champion Florida Marlins, yes the Floridian fish who dismantled the Cubs' World Series dreams, his thoughts piqued my interest greatly. Here's the excerpt

He has thought about players he knew from the 2003 season -- he was on the Florida Marlins at that time -- and wondered about them.

"I can say I know guys who did it and their names haven't come out," Lee said.

Don't expect them to voluntarily identify themselves.

"I don't think they're going to come bragging to you," he said.

So . . . Derrek Lee knows some guys from the 2003 World Champs were on steroids? If Sammy Sosa had not been on the Cubs team that lost to them, I would cry foul. Not that Sammy has ever been directly implicated by any testimony or evidence, but there's no point in barking up this tree.

Still, I'd be fascinated to know who was using on the team that thwarted the '03 World Series train. Oh, what might have been. Do you think Bartman was on HGH?

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