Thursday, June 11, 2009

Improbable Ray of Sunshine (from MB)

I was plenty bummed about last night's Cubbie bout of déjà lose. Great pitching performance. Lousy offensive showing. Broken record (and not the steroid-induced kind). The most words I could come up with to describe it was a solitary tweet (feel free to follow me, Adambuckled, on Twitter, by the way).

But now I'm feeling up to a few more than 140 characters thanks to the memory of one ultimately insignificant play (a non-play, really) from last night's game and a bit of hopeful news heading into today's mid-day dust-up with the 'Stros.

Late in Wednesday night's game, Milton Bradley went sliding awkwardly into the right-field wall in foul territory at Minute Maid. It looked like a potential season-ender the way Bradley's luck goes. But he was alright. Most tweets I saw reflected my initial reaction, too: can you try just a little harder not to get hurt, you overpaid lummox?

After a good night's sleep, though, I think I was wrong. Bradley's defense has looked pretty good these past couple of games. He's made a couple of diving catches despite his sore ego knee quad shoulder hamstring -ness. More than that, Bradley's reckless slide into the wall showed me one thing I can no longer question:

The dude's trying.

Milton Bradley is trying really hard to get better. Probably too hard. That kind of effort and desire deserves to be applauded. And apparently Lou has more than just a pat on the fanny in store for his surliness. The Cubs Web site is reporting that Lou spotted something in Bradley's swing that just may right the ship.

So Bradley's trying. Lou's helping. Let's hope it all works and that the Cubs can make Steve Goodman a prophet once again.
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