Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chicago Cubs: Your Prescription Is Ready

Bob Brenly and my sister both randomly suggested that the Washington Nationals' W reminds them of Walgreens every time they see it. The Chicago Cubs would tend to agree.

A four-game series against a bad pitching staff with even worse pitching behind them is exactly what the doctor ordered. The Cubs' ailing offense seems to have been cured. Alfonso Soriano is over his swollen pinky, his curveballitis, and his severe allergy to hitting with runners on base. Mike Fontenot has rediscovered the bleachers. And as a team, the Cubs are on the verge of sweeping the four-game set.

The question still remains: will the Cubs resume their magnetic plunge to .500 when they face the Phillies, or will they finally break free from the gravitational pull of the break-even point?

The good news is that despite their overall record of 50-38 (pending today's outcome against the Marlins) the Phillies are actually a game under .500 at home. We could be looking at a very enjoyable homestand, and no matter what happens, the Cubs will finish the trip with a winning record.

Though the history of this season tells me otherwise, I'm thinking this jaunt into our nation's capital could prove to be more than just temporary relief for the Cubs' bats. Let's hope.
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