Thursday, July 9, 2009

Step Back, Folks, This Is Baseball

Okay, the Cubs lost. They looked bad. The offense. Soriano's mad. Lou's fed up. Dempster's toe. Geo may have proven Rod Beck wrong and actually pulled fat. And it's getting old saying, Hey, we're only 3 games out of first.

But enough with the angst, people. This is baseball. When it goes well, let's enjoy. When it doesn't, enjoy something else.

I realize I picked the wrong year to start blogging about the Cubs. And that's okay. Maybe it's just teaching me to accept the fact that this is just a game. An infuriating game, at times, yes. But getting angry or jaded or drunk or vindictive does not make me a better fan. Booing doesn't make you a better fan. Booing only draws attention to the fact that your hopes are pinned to someone who, while stinking up the place, is still infinitely better than you ever were or could ever hope to be at your dream. Don't bring yourself to that realization, people. Leave that pile of pathetic just a shade beyond your sphere of awareness.

Let the Cubs be your stuffed tiger. One day, that championship team we all envision in our heads will spring to life for real so everyone else can see it. But for now, just enjoy the delusion. Chill. Enjoy. Move on.
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