Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wherefore art thou, Geo?

Big, gigantic, tremendous thanks to Tim Sheridan over at Boys of Spring for posting pictures from the Cubs' preliminary workouts in Mesa on Wednesday. (You may have heard Tim's work as the Cubs' spring training PA announcer or when he's been interviewed on Cubscast.) Again, huge thanks for the great photos, including this one.

But what in the name of Keira Knightley happened to Geo?

I'm glad he lost some weight, but did an alien jump out of his abdomen? Were his munchies really that bad? He looks bulimic. He looks like he's doing a killer Tyler Colvin impression. He looks like Chandler in season 3.

I guess this is good news. Unless Geo decides to hit his weight again this season.

h/t to ACB


  1. I'm not sure the Cubs really need a waif-like catcher, but hopefully this will improve his performance this year.

  2. I need to go on the Geo diet, he looks great!

  3. Yeah, I think if I had never seen Geo before, this picture would barely catch my attention. Although it does kind of look like he's being carried away by the wind.


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