Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cubs Spring Training 3000

The Cubs play on TV today against the White Sox. Meh. Since the advent of interleague play, the allure of these quasi-crosstown spring-training showdowns carry negligible currency in the Chicago bragging exchange. I suppose the Reinsdorfian Cubs tax embargo brings an ounce or two of intrigue to the game, but that's nothing compared to what is sure to be the pinnacle of today's excitement.

Julie DiCaro (A League of Her Own, @aleagueofherown), Tim McGinnis (Tales from Aisle 424, @Aisle424), and I will be live riffing the first hour of this game in MST3K fashion. Just like the marooned space voyager and his robot friends endured the torture of awful sci-fi B movies by verbally lampooning the disasters before their eyes, we'll be staving off Cub-induced lunacy with a bit of the funnies. Or we'll bomb. I don't know, but I expect it to be all kinds of fun.

You can listen here, and call in here: (347) 884-8570. And if you'd rather type your comments, there's always the live-game thread at LOHO.

Okay, I gotta get ready to riff.
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