Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish for, Cubs Fans: You Just Got It

All winter long, we wanted Opening Day to come so we could enjoy Cubs baseball once again. "Oh please, let every day that stands between now and Opening Day go by in a blink, and let Opening Day last forever!" the hypothetical Cubs fans prayed. And yesterday, we got our wish.

Then reality hit us, not unlike the jolt received by Joel Miller in the following clip:

He was so excited that the moment he had been waiting for was finally upon him . . . and all he had hoped for knocked him clear off his happy horse.

For me, Opening Day hit me like that fire hose, more because of the migraine that began (and pretty much finished) the day than because of the game itself. This is all I can post because it won't go away. I will say I saw this coming. Not the Cubs loss or the blowout nature of it all, but I knew that the day after Opening Day brings with it the realization that we've got to sit through 161 more of these pesky little ballgames. So we have until Wednesday to prepare for the next drink.


  1. I believe the more accurate analogy is that we've traded the Red Snapper for what's in the box.

  2. Ha! Well, either way . . . STUPID!!!! WE ARE SO . . . STUPID!!!!!!!!!!


  3. That was just so many levels of awesominity. Stupid!


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