Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The L Flag Flies Again

Chicago Mass Transit Remains On Orange Alert
Oh look, another El.

At some point, the Cubs will win a game. If they're the worst team in the league, they'll win 60 times.

At some point, the Cubs will lose again. If they're the best team in the league, they'll still lose 50 more times.

This is what happens when you watch baseball. Almost everything you see, you'll see a lot of it. Maybe the bullpen sucks. They (Grabow) gave up two runs. They will give up a lot more. Maybe the offense sucks. They scored only two runs. They'll score a lot more. There will be a lot of wins. There will be a lot of losses. 

There will be a lot of panic. I refuse to do so until after they win at least one game. I'm not going to get too riled up watching the plane crash before it leaves the runway.


  1. At least you know the Cubs will finish ahead of the Astros ;)

    Seeing the Astros score only THREE runs in the first two games of the season is terribly disheartening, so believe me when I say I understand your pain.

  2. If I were an Astros fan, I don't think I'd ever watch the first half of
    the season. It's like they dig a hole on purpose just so they can climb
    out of it at the end of the year. Yeah, they don't always do it, but it
    seems like they always have a good run in them near the end. But still,
    it would be nice to score a few runs every now and then in April.


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