Friday, June 4, 2010

Harry Caray Was Awesome

This isn't an anniversary of any significance that I know of. I was just remembering this morning how much fun Harry Caray was to listen to. Sometimes he personified excitement. Other times he defied explanation. But it was never, ever boring to listen to. For all his rough edges, he was a broadcasting genius and a marketer's dream. And I miss hearing what he would have said about this team . . . or this world.

So here are two clips. The first, a video adaptation of a Harry Caray anti-Cracker-Jack rant, posted a couple of years ago by the folks at Just One Bad Century. It's classic Harry.

And then there's this footage of Harry singing the seventh inning stretch, despite his disdain for the marketing crooks behind sailor jack & bingo. Take special note of the production artistry of Arne Harris and the colossal fashion fail that was the mid-1980s.

We miss you, Harry.


  1. I miss you too my friend and thank you for the post. Now do something about that damn goat!

  2. harry gave us fans something to watch in bad seasons. he knew that he was at the end of the day an entertainer.

    nothing against len and bob, but they don't do a damned thing to bring you to the broadcasts, and honestly how many announcers are there now that do this? for me it's vin scully and that might be it...

    great post man. we really miss harry when the cubs suck.

  3. I was hoping, since the goat has to be dead, that you could kill its soul in the afterlife. No dice?

  4. Thanks a lot. Yeah, the personalities aren't what they used to be. I'm actually working on a mammoth post about the unique role of baseball broadcasters, how they have more time to talk and let their personalities through than those of any other sport. When you look at some of the greats who have passed on, you realize why baseball fans have a different relationship with their teams than in any other sport. Part of that is because you get sucked into being friends with the people who bring the game to you. Most of today's broadcasts don't seem to get that.

  5. I'll see what I can do about the original goat, but there are still goats near The Friendly Confines.

  6. I think I've got you figured out here. You linked to that 7th inning stretch because of the Chesterton, IN shoutout/banner, didn't you? Fun post either way.

  7. Heh, I noticed that, too. I love how many people made their signs out of giant, king-sized sheets. You just don't see that kind of commitment to fan signage anymore.


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