Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Fans Have Spoken: Cubs to Finish Negative Infinityth

Y'all are expecting a pretty stinking good draft position in 2011.
The final tally is in, and it's unanimous: the Cubs won't finish in 2nd place. I'm guessing everyone who didn't vote 3rd, 4th, or 5th was kidding, but the winning choice of Negative Infinityth feels like the sincerely correct one. I hope to show before tomorrow night's game that the Cubs have been much tougher to watch over the past month or so than they will look the rest of the way. I'm not predicting a World Series push next year, but they won't be this bad. They aren't really this bad now.

But lately it's been brutal viewing. For me, it's almost like the short-lived spin-off, Joey. I felt compelled to watch out of  loyalty to my Central Perk Friends, even though I knew it was making me dumber. I've already given you the tongue-in-cheek reasons to watch, but now I want to know for real: are you watching? Please let your indifference be heard!

Thanks for voting.
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