Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fantasy Football Team Name Fun - UPDATED

I don't like Twilight. I don't have Brandon Jacobs on my team. So?

It's a jingle. Forgive me if it gets lodged in your cerebellum.

I play fantasy football. I know you don't care, even if you're in my league. But naming fantasy football teams is fun.  Making lame photoshopped images to go along with those team names: even funner. I'm just a little bit proud of this year's batch: Team Jacobs and 773-202-Manumaleuna. (I have no idea why I named both my teams after big bad guys named Brandon. I won't explore the notion any further.)

I justify including this on a Cubs blog because a) It's my Cubs blog and I can do what I want, b) Have you watched the Cubs lately?, and c) I don't know if they do it anymore, but in the odd event that the Cubs actually hit a double during a real-live game, they used to play the Luna jingle. I never figured out what Luna had to do with doubles, but maybe this video will explain it:

Anyway, I'd love to hear your fantasy football team names if you have them or would like to make one up right now. Please read that whole sentence through. I don't want to hear your fantasy. Don't tell me that.

UPDATE: The esteemed commissioner of my Team Jacobs fantasy league (Internecinare) has thrown down the gauntlet. Or picked it up and slapped me with it. Whatever. Meet . . . Team Edwards:

Oh, it's on. It's so on.


  1. So as to do proper battle with you this year, I shall become Team Edwards. Let the games begin!!!

  2. I really wanted to come up with a name incorporating the fact that Mike Martz's name rhymes with farts, but it just kinda fizzled out.

    Pun intended.


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