Monday, September 6, 2010

What Could You Possibly Want to Hear About the Cubs?

Bob Newhart waking up with Ryan Theriot to discover 2010 has been a dream? I'd take that.
I'm at a loss. I seriously have no idea what would constitute welcome Cubs news at this point. Cubs lose and help their draft position? Meh. Cubs win 10 in a row? Even meh-er. Starlin Castro hits ten straight homers? Yeah, that would be better than Starlin Castro makes a fool of himself and gets benched, but not by much. The baseball, by the reflexive property of suckiness, is what it is.

I could make fun of this team, but this entire season has been a joke, and it's no longer funny. It's like watching Aaron Miles hit all day long. At some point, wryly observing that he's not good just becomes overkill and any sane person would turn their attention to something else.

I could talk about next year, but the effects of the 2010 Kool-Aid wore off for pretty much everyone by June. We've been talking about next year so long, I'm already anxious for 2012.

Talk of the managerial search makes me want to drag my teeth on asphalt.

The wave making a comeback at Wrigley yesterday didn't even anger me. It's not even fun watching the White Sox fans get their hopes up, knowing full well they'll be utterly disappointed by season's end. It's just mildly enjoyable.

I don't know why I feel this strange duty to keep posting. I think everyone is done. And I haven't the slightest idea what would possess anyone to say, "Hey, I want to read something about the Cubs!" If such an urge strikes you, please let me know.


  1. It's a way of life.

    I wrote a note for WSD yesterday about why Cubs fans and media still seem to hate on Zambrano. MB on ACB just wrote a good note about Z's season so far. It's been one of those years...I didn't really care when Font and Theriot left, but Derrek Lee was really sad. I'm going to be even sadder when Z is unceremoniously carted off to the Yankees or Red Sox.

    I do enjoy your posts though so that's one not-so-good reason to keep posting hahaha.

  2. Z is a worthy topic because the Cubs have so much invested in him. I really hope they keep him, too, but it will get old hearing about the Cubs' plans to deal him. Even if Jim Hendry comes out and says, "Under no circumstances will we trade Carlos Zambrano," no one will believe him and the speculation will continue.

  3. The urge still strikes me...we are the Cubs, the Cubs are us, etc. Starting to wake up from nightmares where we are all bringing "Q" flags to Wrigley.


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