Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wrigley Gets a Visit from St. Nicholas

'Twas the night before Christmas at old Wrigley Field.
Not a creature believed that the next year would yield
A World Series trophy for the downtrodden Cubs.
Our candles of hope had all dwindled to nubs.

The most hopeful of fans in their wildest of dreams
Think the Cubs could contend by sucking less than five teams.
There's no feigning faith in the young Cubs' potential,
But there's always a chance in the craptastic Central.

If Ramirez and Pena play over their heads,
And injurious luck plagues the Cardinals and Reds,
And the wind blows out only when the Cubs are at bat,
The Cubs could top 80 in a division like that!

And we have Tyler Colvin and Castro and Kerry!
And the good vibes from CubsCon in mid-January
Will surely restore us from the darkness of doubt
By reminding us what being Cubs fans is about!

The sentiment and warm fuzzies might make your hope blossom,
And the fact that we have four Carloses is awesome.
But Kerry Wood's old now. Mark Prior's a Yankee,
While the Brewers have Gallardo, Braun, Fielder, and Greinke.

So if Santa brings a gift to the confines so friendly,
I'd settle for an analyst better than Brenly.
While the influx of talent is less flow than ebb,
The Cubs won't be helped much by Garza or Webb.

No, the best gift to calm any poor Cub fan's soul
Is the wisdom to dwell on what we can control.
Our displeasure won't lower the high price of tickets,
And our myriad blogs won't sway Hendry or Ricketts.

What we can do is care less (or a little less deeply),
Especially as the Cubs run the team so darn cheaply.
Our faith, like the ownership's plan is mysterious;
If we know that they suck, then why take it so serious?

Just enjoy it, relax, and hope for the best.
Cheer a little bit more, analyze a bit less.
But, I shouldn't presume to tell you how to feel, so . . .
Happy Christmas to all, and to all, go Cubs go.

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